Confluence 60N 30E

March 2018.
Area: St. Petersburg.
Route: Lisy Nos st. – N60 E30 – Verperluda Island – Olgino st.
Type: skiing.
Duration: 1 day (24.03.18).
Distance: 10.4 km.
Moving time: 3 h 21 min.
Participants (3): Nikolay K., Timur K., Eugenia K.


I'll start with the fact that I learned about DCP only in 2016, and the idea immediately seemed wonderful to me. And only now, in 2018, at last, I visited my first confluence. The choice of the point was obvious to me as Saint Petersburg inhabitant. The confluence 60°N 30°E is the closest to the city, easily accessible (especially in winter), with the nice coordinates (it's also called hyper-confluence or Petersburg Greenwich). I'm little surprised that just 8 visits are registered for the last 16 years.

Now let's get to the point. We went skiing with the 6-years old kids, and of course, weren't going to limit ourselves with the confluence visit. But to continue logically our route through Verperluda Island and then to ski across the iced gulf to Ol'gino. The road by local train took just half an hour, and already at 10:13 we arrived at Lisiy Nos railway station. At 11:24 we came to an empty beach after walking 1.8 km through the village and dropping in a shop on the way. On a beach we changed the shoes, uncovered our skis, and at 11:39 stepped on the ice, and at 11:54 we reached the desired spot. The direct distance from the shore to the confluence is 325 m, but we in fact (winding along the curve) got 460 m. For comparing and higher precision I photographed the readings of two navigators, made overview shots, and at 12:00 we took a course on Verperluda Island.

It's 1 km from the confluence to the island, we passed it in 28 minutes. On the island barely hiding in the bushes from a wind we made a halt with a tea and chocolate to celebrate the visiting of my first confluence :) The island is part of the reserve “Northern shore of the Neva bay”, what an information board tells. At 13:14 we left the island and went straight to the Lakhta Tower. The weather was wonderful (–10° C), the views on the bay were beautiful, people were kiting, there was almost no bare ice, everything was covered with an 8–10 cm snow layer. At 16:24 we came ashore at the radio center in Ol'gino, walking 6.5 km from the island. We looked closely at the antenna-mast (187 m high) and headed to the Ol'gino station for the 17:48 train. In total we had passed about 12 km during the day.